Send Everything for Contact Form 7

Send Everything for Contact Form 7

A free and open-source extension for Contact Form 7.

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  • Provides [everything] mail tag for great-looking, send-everything emails
    • Includes all fields in emails
    • Formats values and submission meta into tables
    • Added automatically to forms with blank “Message body” fields
    • Works even if the plugin is deactivated. Learn More →
  • Populates mail tab message body with [everything] during Add New form
  • Adds a [submit] button to any form missing one


This screenshot shows two emails sent by Contact Form 7. The first, labeled “Before,” uses common mail template code in the message body. The second, labeled “After,” uses the [everything] mail tag in the message body.

Works After Deactivation

The core feature of Send Everything, the [everything] mail tag, does not work unless the plugin is active. However, when the plugin is deactivated, each tag found in mail tabs is converted to an HTML template that produces the same notification email.

During activation, these HTML templates are removed, and the [everything] mail tags are restored to each mail tab.

The HTML replacement will not be updated if a field is added or removed from a form. So while deactivating the plugin will not break forms’ email notifications, keeping the plugin on a site offers more benefits than the static HTML.

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