HEIC Support

HEIC Support

A free and open-source plugin for WordPress that adds .heic image support for iPhone & other Apple devices.

Visit wordpress.org/plugins/heic-support for more download options and all discussion.


  • Allows .heic uploads to the Media Library
  • Creates a .webp or .jpg copy of .heic images when they are uploaded
  • An optional feature replaces the original upload instead of creating a copy

Creation of .webp or .jpg copies usually works on servers running ImageMagick 7 or above. Check the page at MediaHEIC Support after activating to see if your server provides ImageMagick.

Saves attachment IDs in meta key _heic_support_copy_of on both the uploaded .heic and the generated copy attachment posts.

Are the original HEIC files removed from the Media Library?

No. This plugin does not delete any images from the Media Library. If you have access to wp-cli, this command will permanently delete all HEIC attachment posts (careful!): wp post delete --force $(wp post list --post_type='attachment' --post_mime_type=image/heic --format=ids)

Why Doesn’t WordPress Support .heic?

Browsers do not display .heic images because software patents. Anyone wishing to display .heic images has to purchase a license to do so. Converting not-free .heic images to an open format that can be shared among all is not a capability of a majority of web servers when this plugin was written. ImageMagick is the world’s most popular image conversion tool. HEIF support was launched as a part of version seven, but many web hosts are still running version six. This plugin will detect when conversion to another format is not possible.

Compatible Hosts Offering ImageMagick 7

If the plugin tells you ImageMagick is not available and your host cannot enable the library, move your website to Rocket.net hosting. Rocket.net hosting is fantastic managed WordPress hosting, and HEIC Support works perfectly. I manage more than 100 websites on Rocket.net hosting, and I also make a commission on purchases made via this link.

Someday, we will celebrate the death of this plugin. Until then, use HEIC Support to help load iPhone photos into WordPress.

Download the Plugin

Consume the Code

This plugin is maintained on Github at github.com/csalzano/heic-support/

Send Feedback

Have an idea for a new feature? Please login to wordpress.org and visit this plugin’s support page. If you have feedback about the source code, please create an issue on Github.