Embed PDF for WPForms

Embed PDF for WP Forms

A free and open-source plugin for WordPress. An add-on for WPForms that provides a PDF Viewer field. Drag and drop a PDF Viewer into any WPForms Form. Choose a PDF from the Media Library, or provide a local URL.


PDF Viewer Demo Preview
Screenshot of a PDF embedded in a WPForm.
PDF Viewer Demo
Screenshot of a PDF Viewer field type in the WPForms form builder.
PDF Viewer Demo
Screenshot of the form builder sidebar showing the PDF Viewer field settings.


“Invalid PDF structure.”

The URL does not point to a PDF. Perhaps the PDF file is missing and returning a 404 File Not Found error. Perhaps the PDF file is only accessible to some logged-in users. When you check the URL, make sure you are not logged in unless you and users of the form will always be logged in with the same permissions.

“Load failed,” “Failed to fetch,” or “NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.”

The URL points to a PDF that the browser cannot retrieve. PDFs cannot be hosted on other websites unless that other website grants permission for your website to load their files. You may also see this error message when editing the form and selecting the PDF Viewer field: “Only PDFs hosted by this website and other websites listing this website in a CORS header ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ can load in the viewer. Learn about CORS →

Download the Plugin

This plugin is not yet hosted on wordpress.org because of a large backlog of plugin submissions. Embed PDF for WPForms was submitted on September 15, 2023 behind 1,215 other plugins, and the wait time is estimated to be 84 days.

Consume the Code

This project is open source, licensed GPL, and maintained on Github. Visit github.com/breakfastco/embed-pdf-wpforms →

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Have an idea for a new feature? If you have feedback about the source code, please Create an issue on Github →.

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